Siren songs.

Steampunk submarines.

A military pilot confronting the ultimate sacrifice.

Award Winning Author

Alice Godwin, 

takes your imagination as deep as your soul.

This genre-fluid author writes and blends styles of writing, seamlessly. Whether you are looking for a contemporary classic myth combined with tales of pirate romance or a surprising blend of fantastical, mystical magic, Alice takes you on journeys to the far reaches of the Universe without even so much as a single note out of place.

Harmony. Balance. Excitement. Adventure.

Complete and utter chaotic BLISS.

INTO THE LIGHT -  At times it is a terrific love story, at others, it is a convincingly frightening tribute to the power of a good horror tale. Woman meets man. Man likes woman. They fall in love. Man is eternal, it seems, but this fact doesn't stop the emotion or physicality of their relationship building. His true nature is revealed at story's end, and  I must confess to feeling disappointed the male character wasn't a vampire, but not as disappointed at seeing the story actually end.  It's deep, its fascinating, its scary, its moving, and as I said at the start, it's simply gorgeous.  

Amazon Review  Lighthouses: An anthology of Dark Tales


Alice Godwin’s THE APOTHECARY is more magic realism than horror, but excels at achieving a surreal sense of disturbance.
Out of the stories on offer, Godwin’s is my pick of the bunch.

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